Got your attention? Good! Now to explain things:What is AppDock?

I think we can all agree that app marketplaces suck. They allow little to no customization and you need more than just a good product to succeed. From app-user standpoint, search system has it's 'privileged ones' so it's hard to find something that it's already on tops. Their focus are top sellers since they bring most cash and it's all about cash for those guys..
The AppDock is here to fix all that. It isn't a marketplace, but a gateway to one.
For devs - AppDock not only provides stunning free landing page(for each of their apps), but also gives them more, and equal, chance to be found in the sea of apps + it makes getting user feedback a lot easier.

Continued reading? Success! So now you must wonder:When will this piece of awesome be available?

Plan is to launch it in several phases, and add more crucial features in each one. If you're a mobile app developer - In this phase AppDock will allow you to create beautiful landing pages and collect user feedback with ease. It covers prelaunch, launch and postlaunch so you don't need to bother with any other service and can use that time to make your app even more awesome.
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Want to get involved and maybe askingHow can you help?

This whole project can't succeed without reasonable amount of early adopters,
so if you want to see it happen show that share button who's the baws!
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